Event Recap: Change Management


On June 12th, SMPS Oklahoma had the pleasure of hearing from speaker Jeff Wilkie on the subject of Change Management. Jeff is leader of Human Capital and Organizational Strategies for Hogan Taylor Advisory Services. Jeff is also a faculty member for the University of Tulsa’s ELITE Program. He Is an engaging speaker who has spoken at SMPS Nationally as well as recently speaking at SMPS-SRC.

Jeff spoke about the relevance and application of change management in which he compared change to a stream. Much like change, a stream is always moving, it has obstacles and it modifies the environment. He then spoke about the impact that change has on people as it is often times a new beginning which can be hard to accept for some. In addition, typically after change occurs, performance goes down because of resistance. There are four strategies for personal change: be a role model, use the grapevine, encourage each other and practice “intrapeneurship”. (All four of these strategies can be found on the attached card for more details.) The best thing to do when change is happening is to help people see how they could do things differently and give them tools and opportunities to do so. We all need to know how we are affected by chance to be able to help others. Change is a process and when there is an emotional connection to change transition is required. It is best to apply personal strategies when times of uncertainty occur.

 For more information on managing transitions, coping with periods of uncertainty and strategies for personal change management see attached handouts from Jeff.

Jeff Wilkie Handout 1

Jeff Wilkie Handout 2

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