Event Recap: Marketing/BD Leadership Panel


Want to transform your business? Let Marketing have a seat at the table.

  • Be strategic about your time. Sometimes you can’t get where you want to be in one organization and may have to make a change.
  • Ask for what you want from your company/peers but you must be prepared to deliver.
  • Educate yourself and share information with others. This will help you gain respect.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Call mentors.
  • Get involved. Being involved in groups like SMPS will help give you confidence and will build leadership skills.
  • It is difficult being a woman in a male dominated industry. People want employees who are aggressive but it can be seen in a negative light compared to men. You need to understand the financial drivers of your organization. Educate yourself in what you do to move to the top.
  • Educate others of the importance of what you are saying. Whatever you do give your reason for why you are doing it.
  • Women have to work harder and longer to move up. Be more strategic than who you are working against. Use blocks as motivators. Earn respect by working hard and proving yourself.
  • You succeed when you go with the firm’s business style.
  • Find a mentor outside of the company and make it someone who will encourage and help you succeed.
  • Understand all facets of the company brand.
  • Be seen as a trusted advisor on a topic that you are good at.
  • Think of yourself as a leader of the organization, not just of marketing. Be seen as more than just your job title. If you see a need somewhere, fix it yourself.
  • Recommended Books:
    • Inside the Magic Kingdom – book about customer service
    • EQ vs IQ
    • Simon Sinek TED Talk “Superchickens” – about how to tell a story and gain emotional connection.

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