SMPS Board Nominations are OPEN for 2020-2021

Dear SMPS Oklahoma Member,
You have the opportunity to be a leader, grow personally and professionally,
expand your network and influence, and give of yourself to an awesome
organization full of great people. This is the chance push yourself and gain
leadership experience.
Every spring, your SMPS chapter plans for next year’s officers and committee
leaders, officially taking their positions in September. The time has come to
help plan for our new leadership group at SMPS Oklahoma. The Nominations
and Elections Committee of SMPS Oklahoma is now accepting nominations for
the 2020-2021 Oklahoma Chapter Board of Directors and volunteers for our
committee positions.


The president-elect stands ready to fill in for the President in his/her absence. In
addition, the President-Elect shall have all the powers and be subject to the
same restrictions as the President. The President-Elect assists the President in
overseeing the Board and serves as an additional resource for all positions and
committees. The president-elect also serves on the Executive Committee of the
chapter. Nominees must have served as a committee chair for at least one year
to be considered for this role. This is a three-year commitment.

The treasurer is primarily responsible for accurate and timely keeping and
reporting of financial activities of the chapter. The treasurer also serves on the
executive committee of the chapter. Responsibilities include management of
the board’s review of and action related to the board’s financial responsibilities,
financial reporting at monthly board meeting, presentation of the annual
budget to the board for approval, reviews of the annual audit, preparation of
IRS tax forms/reports and the SMPS Headquarters’ chapter financial report.
This is a two-year commitment.

Director-at-Large – Programs
The director of programs is charged with the planning and implementation of
chapter programs. The programs chair drafts a budget and conceptual plan of
programming initiatives for the upcoming year; secures or oversees planning for
chapter programs which include location, speakers, food, handouts, audiovisual,
etc.; prepares program announcements and ensures timely marketing of
each program; works closely with the director of education to ensure that local
programming and education needs are met. This is a two-year commitment.

Membership Chair
The membership chair serves as the contact to SMPS Headquarters on all issues related to membership and is responsible for the recruitment and retention of SMPS chapter members. The membership chair drafts a budget and conceptual plan of membership initiatives for the upcoming year, provides membership information to prospective members, coordinates communication with members and prospects, conducts new member orientation, and tracks membership reporting data (expirations, new members, renewals, drops) through the SMPS Extranet for chapter leaders. This is a one year commitment.

Communications Chair
The Communications Chair is charged with raising the awareness and visibility of SMPS both internally and externally within the architecture, engineering, and construction industry and in the local region. This includes announcing meetings/events, election of new officers, special programs, chapter/member items of recognition, awards and special events. Responsibilities include: website and social media management (job bank, layout, listings and links, updates, etc.); preparation and distribution of all press releases, announcements and news items; interfacing with SMPS headquarter’s for national updates; takes photos at all chapter events; maintains chapter mailing lists; and maintains the SMPS Oklahoma brand standard across all publications. This is a one year commitment.

Sponsorship Chair
The sponsorship chair is responsible for establishing a sponsorship campaign for the year and meeting revenue goals to enhance our chapter’s ability to deliver benefits and resources to our members. Responsibilities include identifying possible exposure and promotional opportunities for sponsors, including events, venues, and merchandise; defining accountability and financial goals; contacting potential sponsors; sponsorship recognition (chapter website, sponsorship banners, promotional emails, etc.); and follow-up with sponsors. This is a one year commitment.

Striving for Excellence (SFE) Chair
Each year, SMPS headquarters hosts awards programs to recognize excellence in marketing in the design and building industry. The Oklahoma chapter competes annually for the Striving for Excellence (SFE) Award, which recognizes chapters for excellence in their management and service to members. The award program’s objectives emphasize a chapter’s program/education goals, membership, communications, financial health, and leadership. The SFE chair is responsible for coordinating the collection of content, design, and production of the final chapter award submittal. This is a one year commitment.

Not ready to serve on the Board of Directors? Join a committee! Open committee positions abound, including: Sponsorship, Communications,
Programs/Education, and Membership. Full position descriptions are available to all interested. Just contact me.

Send your nominations to me, Paige Criswell, no later than Friday, June 12 at [email protected] Nominations may be made by individuals (self nominations are allowed) or by petition and must be received by the Nominations and Elections Committee by June 12th. All nominations must include the nominee's personal data, verification of eligibility and a statement outlining the candidate's views on current Chapter issues and special areas of interest. Individual nominations will be screened and evaluated by the committee according to parameters and procedures established by the Chapter Board of Directors, and a slate of candidates selected that the committee believes represents the best balance for the board.

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